The Evolution of Car Wash

GeoWash is the global leader in the eco-car wash business.

The GeoWash Cart

The GeoWash trolleys are 100% autonomous and portable. They don’t need to be connected to power or water sources, and they don’t leave foam, water or dirt on the floor. We can offer car wash services at almost any indoor or outdoor parking facility; without the need of any further infrastructure.

Revolutionary Concept

The simple concept behind GeoWash Eco Car Wash system is using idle parking time while owners leave their cars to carry out other activities, such as shopping, working, entertaining, studying, etc. to provide premium ecological car wash services, without moving the cars from their parking spots.


GeoWash has innovated in the traditional car wash market and is considered the only environmentally-friendly integrated car wash system. Our waterless system is actively helping to save millions of liters of water per year.


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Saved liters of water per service

Traditional car wash systems are based on brute force. They use high-pressure water and large amounts of chemicals. We take the clever approach, using just the right quantity of eco-friendly formulas, applying them as a mist and removing the dirt with ultra-microfiber clothes.

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Express Wash

The GeoWash Eco-Cart can be operated by just one person. The exterior of a mid-size sedan can be washed in just 15 minutes. Our units include a vacuum cleaner to offer interior services as well.

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With GeoWash, customers can save their precious time. Instead of driving to the carwash and queuing to have their cars washed; we take the carwash to wherever they parked, and offer them premium hand wash and detailing services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our concept incorporates the intelligent use of wetting agents, lubricants and surfactants to wash cars. These, coupled with the use of the finest quality applicator towels and highly skilled professionals, will ensure the best results with the minimum resources.

The GeoWash system applies, using a low-pressure spray nozzle, a special formula as a fine mist. We use just the right amount of liquids: less than half gallon (2 liters) per service.

Other methods use the “brute force” to wash cars, spilling large amounts of fresh water.

No. GeoWash uses special formulas that lifts, softens, emulsifies and dissolves dirt and other contaminants on contact, while special polymers wrap around any remaining particles in a lubrication film, a thin layer between the paintwork and the dirt, to protect from scratching. Then, the liquid is gently removed using ultra microfiber towels.

The GeoWash process is completely scratch-free. Since we hand wash every car, there will never be any brush, swirl or water marks left behind either.

GeoWash operators have been cleaning thousands vehicles across the world, including Ferraris, Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, Lamborghinis and many other high-end cars.

Yes. Your car does not need to be pre washed before using GeoWash and it is safe for dirty vehicles. GeoWash uses high effective cleaners, which easily removes dirt, grime, road film, tar, grease and oil with little amounts of water, without harmful chemicals, or the risk of scratching. Years of experience worldwide prove the quality of the GeoWash system.

Never have to worry about finding or waiting at the car wash again. Customers simply park their cars to have them washed, and we go to the car without customers having to be there or even leave their keys. Most importantly, using GeoWash to clean cars is eco-friendly. Traditional wash methods will use 80 to 140 gallons of water at home and 40 to 80 gallons of water at a commercial car wash.

Yes, we’ve awarded the Master License for more than 30 countries already. If GeoWash is still not available in your country, you can get the Master License and develop the business on an exclusive basis. We will provide all the equipment, know-how, products, training and permanent support.

We will provide a comprehensive set of know-how material based on our own operational sites and the ones from our licensees around the world.

Technical, operational, financial and marketing manuals are included along with step-by-step training videos.

We also provide permanent support covering every aspect of the business set up and development.

GeoWash Master Licensees have the right to offer franchises throughout their territory.

You don’t need to have specific experience in the car wash industry to become a license owner with GeoWash.

We look for motivated people, customer-service oriented and who have solid management skills. We are also seeking license owners who will be directly involved in the operations and growth of their GeoWash business.

We provide all the support that licensees need to run the business.

Since we disclose proprietary information and our whole know-how package including the formulas, washing techniques and procedures; we can only sell our equipment after awarding the Master License.

Our machines, products and systems have been successfully implemented in several countries around the world.

Our company is based in the USA. We have manufacturing facilities in Asia, and ship directly from our plants.

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