Washing Cart

The GeoWash Washing Carts are fully autonomous

They have internal deposits for clean and dirty water, with enough capacity to work one whole day without refilling, and a rechargeable battery to power the electronic pump and the vacuum cleaner.

This is the third generation of our proprietary washing carts, developed and manufactured by our company. No other manufacturer in the world can claim to have our expertise and state of the art production plant.

The benefits of GeoWash

  • It is not necessary to have them connected to water supply or electricity outlets.
  • No particular infrastructure is required to run the business.
  • Contributes to create new job opportunities

  • Promotes the environmental consciousness by using biodegradable products, avoiding contamination.
  • 100% Eco-Friendly.
  • No effluents impact.
  • Rational use of water and energy supply.

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