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The simple concept behind GeoWash is using idle parking time while owners leave their cars to carry out other activities, such as shopping, working, entertaining, studying, etc. To provide a first class ecological car wash service, without moving the car from its parking spot.

The result is an innovative, 100% service-oriented, convenient and safe experience for customers… and a truly incredible opportunity for you as a franchise owner!

The opportunity

Our comprehensive ecological vehicle care services are ideal for today’s growing market demand and are made even better by the fact that we take an active role in the efficient management of energy and water, one of the earth’s most limited natural resources.

Although waterless car washing and detailing is a fairly new segment of the car wash industry, the demand for quality car care services is not. GeoWash environmental franchise owners can offer their customers top-quality car cleaning, waxing, polishing and detailing services, but with a unique approach.

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Do right by the planet… while you do right by your customers

Did you know? GeoWash´s proprietary washing carts are 100% portable and independent, running on their own power and water supply, and do not leave foam, water, or dirt on the floor. That’s what makes it possible to offer car washing and detailing services in just about any indoor or outdoor parking facility without the need of any additional infrastructure.

And, with the unique GeoWash cart, it only takes a half-gallon of water to safely wash an average sized car, and a basic car wash and wax service takes just about 25 minutes to complete. A single GeoWash cart has a sufficient power supply and cleaning formula reservoirs to work several days. Talk about efficiency! By using our exclusive, self-developed, and environmentally conscious water-saving equipment, you’re doing your best to protect the planet.

Did you also know?

Our environmental franchise model also serves a wide range of customers. In fact, our target market is just about anyone who owns an automobile. Our business model takes advantage of normally idle parking time to provide our superior services, without having to move cars from their parking spots.

  • Supermarkets
  • Malls
  • Public and private companies
  • Airports and railway stations

  • Residential parking facilities
  • Theaters and universities
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Beaches with private parking

Want to take the next step towards an exciting future, backed by the support of knowledgeable professionals? If you are looking for the chance to be an involved franchise operator in a dynamic marketplace, the GeoWash environmental franchise opportunity could be right for you.

Contact us today and find out more. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, request more information, or email us to:

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