GeoWash, works with a Eco Friendly product line, making our concept an excellent choice to actively contribute
to preserve the environment and save millions of gallons of water.

The car washing industry is a major clean water consumer. Only in the USA, the car washing industry uses around 1.2 billion litters of water a year.

The reason of this major consumption is the use of an inefficient washing system in terms of resource optimization. This technique is based on using water pressure as the main element of physical contact to remove dirt from the surface.

Water is a key factor for the social and economic development: more than 90% of the total water demand comes from the industry and irrigation for agricultural purposes, without taking into account its consumption uses.

Within this context, the huge water consumption under the traditional system is a real waste as it does not impact the quality of life of human beings nor is part of any productive process. Rather, it is only used to clean lavish goods.

Portable Car Washer
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This factor has driven us to research the way in which we could optimize water use and management in the car washing process.

In this sense, we have seriously committed ourselves to this goal and we have developed a totally innovating and integrated car washing system, which is an enormous water saving source. The development of this new system implied the generation of new technology, procedures, materials and formulas.

GeoWash has innovated in the traditional car wash market and is considered the only environmentally-friendly integrated car wash system.

We are proud to be one of the world’s most Eco-Friendly Car Wash Systems!

At GeoWash we’re all about leading the way in saving water while cleaning cars around the world.

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